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Equivalent to clans: Ronin


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So, I've been grinding and loving this game since October 2019 (MR 10) and like many other Tenno I've been thinking about what I would like to see added to the game.

Here's my idea:

Make soloing Warframe truly viable and a legitimate pendant to clan gameplay. How to achieve this?

The profile page of Tenno who choose to remain solo should not say that they're unaffiliated but instead, being referred to as Ronin. I mean, it does make sense. Warframe borrowed heavily from ancient Japanese samurai and ninja culture. The name Tenno (which means emperor, by the way) is the most blatantly obvious example of this. Which isn't a bad thing, mind you. It's actually awesome. But I digress. How would a Ronin Tenno play the game?

They won't be able to build a dojo. Duh.  Which means they cannot access clan research and they won't be able to build a railjack. Instead their orbiter serves as a kind of little brother to the railjack. It would be controlled by a single Tenno, piloting and lots of pew pew pew. Which means it needs lots of upgrades. The orbiter could serve as a support ship in addition to the existing railjack missions. That way, truly epic space battles could take place which would put EVE Online to shame. By several orders of magnitude.

A Ronin Tenno could not have a home base like a dojo. And let's be honest, the true home base which we Tenno operate from already is the orbiter). Instead, their orbiter would be their home. Which it already is. In addition to that, clan dojos could use a rework. Apart from weapons, warframes and other gear research it offers very little of value and many dojos are deserted most of the time. But at this point I have run out of ideas in that regard, so bear with me.

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