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Staff holster is still upsidedown


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(originally posted in feedback back in october https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1136466-staff-holster-styles-upside-down/ )

Its been like this for quite a while now. It wasn't always like this and was probably "head up". Lead me to hiding all scythes and staves that use it because it bugs me how funky it looks with all skins that are not the same top and bottom. Also the Caustlyst tickles my frame's butt. Included is two images of the Caustlyst but I have a whole album of different weapons that were made "wrong" looking thanks to this bug. https://imgur.com/a/eg5rboo


A flip of the weapons or, perhaps, greater range of rotation so those who like it this way can keep it? I know this isn't a high priority. Just bugs me something fierce.


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By the moons of Jupiter... The time it was actually correctly positioned (IRL spears, staves, axes, and such go with head up and handle down) was the "bug"....

Blast it....

I still want greater rotation range of the holster so I can correct it for myself... 😞

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