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Ordis likes spinning the camera.


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When exiting a mission that has Ordis open the Inbox, the camera spins and the character walks forward- I assume as a locked-in controls of what I was doing when Ordis stole my controls to open a communication I didn't want to open.

Also on that note, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP MAKING THE GRINEER GHOUL THREATS AN INBOX THING??? I don't care about the Ghouls. Never have, never will. This is literally one of the few things that continually piss me off about the game- my inbox is for important shiz, not an event that pops up every few weeks. Literally all other events (except void trader, for obvious reasons), are ALL in the Notifications in the Navigation, ONLY. Please, please give me settings to turn this off, even if it's only for this one thing.

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