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Wraith - Warframe


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Backstory: As a child you were told that the light was the strongest force out there, but you doubted that and people mocked you for it. You didn't care about their opinions on you as you felt safer in the dark, you enjoyed terrifying the others be making eerie sounds.

There was a day that changed everyone's thoughts on the darkness, you were the one that changed that. The Grineer boarded the ship you were on, everyone was scared except for you. Using broken shards of metal or glass to take out the lights, you struck from the shadows quickly and efficiently for your age. When it was all over everyone only knew you by your title and the crimson blood red of your iris. Wraith.

Color scheme- A dark navy blue with a mix of grey for the main colors. A crimson red for the energy. 

Appearance- A knight like armor set up resembling that of ghost with the slits for the eyes in the hooded helmet glowing red.

Signature weapons-

Serrated kunai, dealing more slash damage in Wraith's hands. Looks like it's made of a demon's horn.

Battle axe: long reaching two handed axe with one axe head, having a faster swing speed in Wraith's hands. Has a demonic look to it.


Sacrifice- sacrifice a quarter of your health to unleash a massive burst that strips armor and procs a slash debuff.

Vanish- turns invisible and is restricted to silent weapons  but gains a small damage bonus.

Consume- cast to strip light from the environment to buff damage for you and allies, cast on an enemy to buff allies armor and restore health. 

Hell's Fury- pulls a dagger out of the darkness, lunging from target to target dealing quick bursts of damage.

Passive- very mission that has artificial light gets shut off and makes it harder for enemies to detect you.


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