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Railjack Refinement Feedback.


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OK. I'm gonna try to make this short and sweet as to why I do not like the refinement feature.

I like keeping the resources and payload on my railjack full. That way, I can last as long as I need to finish the job and whip up some emergency payload when things get hairy. I feel like it was fairly difficult farming that much especially since with my internet few people join so I'm solo most of the time. Then a few missions later when I have a squad on my ship, I notice I collected more resources even though I didn't see any pop up on my screen to collect. Then it dawned on me that someone could've taken my resources by refinement. I asked if someone refined my forge, culprit didn't identify themself, other squad member denied it and said they thought I did it. I confronted the only remaining culprit and their justification was that my payload was at 100% as if that made it OK that they hijacked my railjack's resource funds without asking first. Man was I salty. I only stopped saying why what they did was beyond not cool when they said they wouldn't do it again, because at that stage, I made my point. No point getting more heated about it. That's about as levelheaded as I was throughout that entire confrontation. I was still salty but that was about it.

At this point, I feel like I properly explained why I do not like refinement in railjacks. I'm not asking for action against anybody. I'm not even asking to remove it. I honestly don't care what other hosts do with their railjack resources. if they wanna empty their railjack's resources for their squadmates, that's their choice. But the thing is, I feel like that should ONLY be the hosts choice. That way, people who bust their ass saving up on railjack resources don't end up having to farm up more because someone else decided to help themselves to refining a stash.

Anyone else agree refinement should be the hosts choice?

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Stuff like this is why I only play solo / invite only.  Randoms add too many variables.

I feel like there should be some sort of vote for things like refining, selecting next mission ... <rant> or taking the pilot seat when the pilot went to kill a crewship, which dunce squad didn't do anything about for 10 minutes ... or flushing all my flux down the drain cuz dunce in gunner seat got trigger happy with the ability buttons. Why do gunners have access to battle avionics anyway?</rant>

EDIT: whoever said this couldn't have been any more right!



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