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MR 18 test spawns friendly Ratels, making the test uncompletable and completely blocking progression


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I don't know what causes this, but there were 4 permanently friendly Ratels in my MR 18 test on wave 4. I could not complete the test because of this. I was playing Maim Equinox Prime with a viral Tiberon Prime, no radiation or mind control effects.

This bug is completely progression-blocking, and I don't know what to do. I know that they say to simply comment on an existing thread if you find others with the same issue, but I'm pretty worried about never being able to gain MR again because of this, and because this bug has apparently been around for a very, very long time for one this serious. Just searching "friendly ratel" I found 6 posts detailing the exact same issue. Searching google shows that there are archived posts from over a year ago detailing this exact same issue, and some from 2017 that seem to be saying the same thing.


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