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Retroactive Warframe Lore Quests


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The devs have gotten pretty good at attatching quests to the acquisition of various frames. These quests often come with new lore, telling us the purpose of said frame and the story of the tenno (or the frame acting on its own, sometimes its never made entirely clear) who last used the frame and what happened to them in their final moments. Personally i really wish they'd do lore quests for every frame, not necesarily with acquisition of the OG frames attatched though... just as a way to add more narrative to the game and personality to the frames themselves. (it is highly implied that Umbra isn't the only frame with a mind of its own, just the frame with the most of its mind intact) 

Obviously most of the OG frames and many of the frames that were released shortly after in the early days of warframe were simply dropped by various bosses, alerts and so on. But i think it'd be really interesting if DE added quests to flush out the stories of each frame retro-actively. Though i admit Valkyr got gameplay hinting at her story with the Alad V event and boss fight but other than that i can't recall early day frames that were given an explanation for why bosses owned their segments, maybe i've forgotten.

There's tons of lore from the early prime variant codex the devs could use as inspiration and I'd love for them to release a Rhino quest telling that specific story. A mission where we track down a rogue Rhino going berserk on a ship and turning the crew into a gorefest, our objective to tame it and retake control for an NPC Tenno. That type of mission would also give the devs an opportunity to re-flex their muscles at making horror atmospheres like in Chains of Harrow.

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