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please fix this already, all radial blast weapons are now very powerful since they dont deal self damage, take a few minutes to do the right thing with [power throw] mod, im dissapointed when i see everything gets a buff except my most favorite glaive weapon

this has been removed for a long while, i really hated this change

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Thought I'd dust off my old favorite weapon, PThrow Glaive Prime, which once upon a time had an over 70% usage rate for me, after the self damage change. My disappointment was immense.

There will probably not be much feedback on this since glaives are so underused as it is, but this unwarranted change did them no favors.

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On 2020-03-07 at 2:04 AM, Scar.brother.help.me said:

dude, you are the only Warframe player loving glave weps.. I feel your pain. 🙁

I use the Falcor almost exclusively.

When I say almost exclusively I mean I use(d) Falcor, Dagger zaw, Endura Rapier zaw, Zenistar, Jat Kittag. However...:

  • Dagger Zaw was for traveling, that mechanic was removed this past patch.
  • The rapiers were for front-faced finishers (they force bleed proc) and a Mecha set idea, Mech set is bugged and is kind of wonky when it actually works.
  • Zenistar and navigator for lots of damage... That got nerfed. Kind of needed it... But there were other things I thought would get nerfed before it.
  • Jat Kittag for Vulcan Blitz, but doesn't seem to always work. Even if it did work I'm pretty sure the AOE changes gimped it (haven't checked).

That leaves the Falcor... The only melee weapon I use that isn't just a "button mash" stick.

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Glaives are in desperate need for love atm..
The glaive throw is extremely underpowered compared to standard melee attacks (Destroyed a Lv. 145 Eximus Bombard in some slashes but couldn't deal 10% of his Health Pool with a glaive throw)

Thought the whole idea of glaive weps were the throw but i guess i'm wrong.

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The main issue with glaives is that they don't really have a heavy attack. Heavy attack can't crit nor head shot, and Condition Overload doesn't work on it and regular throws. In addition, timing the heavy attack is almost impossible with the falloff. Also, unlike most melee weapons, you can't chain additional "free" heavy attacks.

Glaives are only of use as sub-par melee weapons or as a clunky way to score headshots. I have a godly riven and can one-shot anything that can bleed with the Glaive Prime and it's still slower than my other melee weapons.

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