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Block Animation for Melee only is Broken in multiplayer


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I've done a few tests and found that if you're in a solo game then you can equip melee only and manually block with your melee. This includes doing the old style melee aim glide that looks ninja as #*!%.

once you go into a mission online however, this animation appears to break. right clickinng does not trigger a block animation in multiplayer and aim gliding in multiplayer with only a melee weapon equipped looks goofy as hell with the warframe freezing their jump animation as if they're hovering around while squatting.

Obviously not high on the list of priorities at DE, it's entirely aesthetical and i doubt there's many players who go melee only now that autoswap is in the game. But it is 100% a bug and not a feature from what i can tell. cant imagine it's intentional for the aim glide to freeze the jump animation in such an uncool and goofy way. (plus the animations that play in solo mode also have UI that changes to match block being activated which is why i think that manual blocking with only melee equipped is still supposed to be a feature).

Feel free to test it out yourself.

Running missions in solo mode or going into the simulcrum = the old awesome looking ninja melee aim glide and blocking while sliding.

Joining a mission online with other players = silly broken animation set.

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