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Host in Arbi drops after 20 seconds at extraction and we die on load-in...


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Suggestion: Disable the ability for a host to leave group while at extraction in an Arbitration/endless mission.

My first Arbi after the recent changes, I brought Mag Prime.  My health was barely ever touched and my build felt strong, we were crushing and getting tons of loot.

34 minutes in, our 6th or 7th completed set in a row, with 3 of 4 keys completed on that set, the host goes to extraction with his buddy.  No announcement; nothing.  I start making my way there and suddenly a load screen pops up to transfer the host.  Myself and the other remaining Tenno die on the load-in and fail the mission.  We received almost nothing, of course, and had no way to see who the host was (AFAIK), and no stats were pulled up so I have no idea how well I performed.

Yeah, I will get over it, but that kind of experience is not easy to forget; it taints my perspective toward both the game and the community.

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