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Dissic Scaffold and new Stagger Mechanic


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Swazdo-Lah fellow Tennos! :3

With the removal of Self Damage and the introduction of Staggering/Knockback, i noticed that the projectile from the Dissic Scaffold which is a Cluster Granade Launcher piece for AMPs also does the Stagger effect but the problem is that once the projectile detonates it releases other 3 smaller ones that would deal some self damage to your Operator too but with the new system, they cause your staggers to become significantly increased as you arent hit just by the main blast but the smaller fragments which fall in a sequence can each re trigger the effect on your Operator.

I dont believe this was intended as the smaller fragments usually didnt have as much effect as to knockback/knockdown enemies as the main projectile did and hoping [DE] could remove the Staggers from the smaller projectiles?

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