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War never changes // Poem


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Another addition to my Warframe inspired poems with this one I wrote last night. 

Came about when me and a friend (he was doing the job, I was spamming instructions) were decorating the dry-dock and making a forest. Made me realize, much like in The Sacrifice, that we were force upon this war, and we do our best to bring peace. In our own broken and destructive way, we still find a way to heal.


There is this thing that I always knew
War never changes like people don’t too..

Through the millennia, all the blood shed
Could cover the earth, in its haunting red

At first it was nature, so full and so kind
Echoes of love in all you could find.
It was my home, let’s call it Heim
As it was always, transcending time.

There was the gold, and white, and cold
That made the new, and then threw the old.
That took away the love and living.
And made the nature into something livid

There was the flesh that poisoned all
That pushed the gold ones to their fall
They took away the grace and peace
Their torment seemed to never cease.

There were the others, empty, bone
Made of essence that’s not known
That only wanted to destroy
Everything I knew of joy.. 

Then came the ones that slaughtered all
The kindest of my kin.
The one’s whose wrath would always maul
The pain that is within.

So many years passed since then
My children never turning back
The ones, survivors of the ship called ten
So many years, that I lost track.

The empty, the cold, the poison, bone
Took away bit by bit, from my only home
Till there was nothing but dust
Their metal turned rust.

And they came again, the loving, the kind
For they knew my love, their heart wasn’t blind
They took piece by piece, rebuilt me again
The children of terror, from the ship they call ten.

And I’ve learned one thing, and now it holds true:
War never changes, but some people do.

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