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[PC][EU[IT]]Asheart Moonshine - We are searching for beautiful people like you


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Hello Tenno!

Let me thank you if you dropped here, it means you want a clan and you evaluating us then again "Thank you".

We are searching for new people at moment, we are a ghost clan and we point to be something big.

In our vision we want let enjoy any player in our clan with his teammate every content of Warframe, from the newest to the oldest one.

At the moment our clan can offer almost all the research(Except Hema and some colours).

If you want join to help us you are welcome!

There is a lot of rooms to decorate and some personal space for you if you want.

We have just some small rules:

    Don't scream too much in Discord
    Be Friendly and not be toxic(we was all noob at start).
    Be active almost some day per week.

The rest it's up to you! Join us if you want.

You are welcome even you are noob or a veteran. Who cares! Be happy, have fun and play!

There is space for veteran too, eidelon, kuva lich, arbitration and etc.

The final crucial point is this: we are searching mostly Italian people, but we haven't nothing against foreign(i am totally fine with it).

There are some people embarrassed to start directly with a INT approach, but we can try to work about it, then if you a foreign you are still welcome!

Some contact points are: Reokami(IGN) and Reokami#9043(on discord) or this post.


See you Tenno

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