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Railjack needs a tutorial


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Honestly, a lot of the game needs a tutorial. This isn't really new. Though personally, I didn't find it that hard to adapt to Empyrean missions just by doing the littlest of research (The hardest part about starting railjack is honestly just getting a Railjack that won't implode if you cough on it. Which those other players clearly didn't have to worry about if they were in your railjack.).

Yeah, it sucks getting teammates who just don't know what to do, but as it stands this isn't exclusive to railjack, and a tutorial probably won't even 100% fix it (There absolutely are people who will just ignore the tutorial*, especially for abilities unlocked further down the line.). Frankly speaking, it's on the other players, and not the game, to learn what's going on with a game mode before going into it. Though yes, the game could definitely stand to help beyond "here is a ship, now go do Tenno things :^)".

I hate to be that guy, but you really are at the end of the day solely responsible for the BS you get yourself wrapped up in in most missions, even if that BS is just someone else you happened to queue in with being bad. I genuinely feel you about the getting paired with bad randoms thing, especially when you just want to be a rad spaceship pilot instead of babysitting (big mood), but you really do have to just... -not expect anything from anyone else unless you trust them. I take that as a given in any online game. Even ones with the most forced, obvious tutorials in the world.

--and that's why I play solo! (RIP good enemy spawns though.)

Anyway, does that point fix the fundamental problem with the game?.. No, not really, but steps can be taken to avoid things like this from happening. Should DE meet us half-way on this anyway? Totally, and I think the game being more accessible to new players is a WIP. DE would be crazy to not do so and I think they ultimately know that. But if these players have gotten to empyrean in the first place... -they really should be sure they know what they're getting themselves into, IMO.

*I mean, hell, I remember a very early experience where I didn't understand excavation missions. Damn excavations. -and I was playing solo so I couldn't even get carried. You can bet your ass I instantly went and looked up what I was doing wrong. lol

Related: The Codex tutorials aren't the worst... But they also aren't all that obvious to find. Coincidentally, they have a tutorial for The Index, a game mode that a quest teaches you how to play and is really not that complicated, but not a tutorial for Railjack, which is something I didn't know until now. Hell, if you go play Lunaro, even that game mode has a tutorial, and a better one than the Codices, at that. Sooo... -honestly, the least they could do is at least have a text tutorial in the Codex.

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