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1. You periodiclly get locked out of any key or mouse actions on the plains of eidolon when fighting (key pressese and mouse actions do not work), only solution is to alt and tab in and out of the game.

2. Unable to change direction when gliding and jumping makes bullet jump and positioning rather frustrating,

3. Shedu when the 7 charges used now does 2 x radial blasts increasing the recharge delay to twice what it should be

4. Shedu is very frustrating to use in random groups or with any warframe with a pet like Khora, pet "wants" to stand near you and gets shot knocking you down or runs back and forth infront of you knocking you down, also teammates randomly walkng in the line of fire especially in static defense mission makes the gun frustrating to use, the AoE the shedu does never did self damage why has this gun now been included in the weapons that did self damage? it makes what is a close to medium range weapon (as oppose to long to medium range for the self damage aoe weps like the tonkor etc) very hard to actually use.

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