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Zephyr Suggestion: Cancel Tailwind into a Hover


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A common complaint with Zephyr is that you can't use her Tailwind in the more tightly knitted maps without constantly crashing into walls and waiting for the momentum to run out.

A lot of players have suggested giving her ways to cancel tailwind early, my suggestion on this would be to allow Zephyr to cancel it by recasting while in use, stopping her in place and instantly leaving her in a hover state.

The idea being that she can now dart around between several vantage points in a quick and convenient manner. Emphasizing that "Air superiority" that DE aimed for in their workshop by popping off shots and casting abilities in between tailwinds before diving back to the ground, as shown by the doodle below.



I think this would be fitting for Zephyr because:

  • It makes traversal with Tailwind easier in enclosed tile sets. Allowing Zephyr to take 90 degree corners and U-turns by stopping, reorienting herself, and then shooting off again (Or roll out of the hover).
  • It makes the hover useful. As it is right now, I haven't found much of a use for it that couldn't be done with a bullet jump + aim glide, and the fact that it has to be charged for a couple seconds without moving and that most of your hover positions are restricted by where you can stand makes it a bit unwieldy. But with this change, Zephyr can hover where ever she pleases without any need to charge it.
  • It's a unique form of movement. There have been thousands upon thousands of players asking for tailwind to control similarly to abilities like Titania's Razorwing, Ivara's Navigator or Wukong's Cloud Walker. Personally I would be happy with that but I get that making frames too similar to each other would not be ideal.This change will help Zephyr stand out from the others as she zips around in straight lines and and constantly shifts between full speed and full stop.
  • It slides in perfectly with the rest of her kit. Her 1 and 2 already cost half as much energy in the air, so this would only promote more tailwinds and air bursts to be cast while zipping around. It goes hand in hand with turbulence, covering each others flaws. Turbulence protects hovering Zephyr's while they're sitting still, and melee enemies won't be a threat to turbulence if Zephyr never touches the ground.
  • It complements some niche mods. Aviator and Aerodynamic are mods only considered for Titania because she can stay in the air for as long as her energy allows, this can now apply to Zephyr as well. And Tailwinds' augment mod, Target Fixation, is now much less of a hassle to manage.
  • It's simple(?) to implement. Probably putting my foot in mouth here but what I'm suggesting doesn't require new assets or any radical changes to the controls.
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Finally, a new user on the Forums that's parallel-developed my design to show that I'm not mad... mostly...

For reference, not self-promotion, take a look and see the proof of this:



While that previous thread does ramble a bit, you've hit on one of my absolutely key aspects of improving Tailwind, so thank you for proving I'm not the only one out there with this as one of the most simple and over-looked fixes to her kit.

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15 hours ago, PencilManners said:

Exactly ^^ We were all thinking it, we must have been.

The second they showed off that hover we were pleased, but... when it was released the only way we could use it was... to... squat on the ground? Until we, what? Farted out lifting gas?

I genuinely managed to get some laughs in game when I previewed my 'fart bomb' Zephyr with the right energy colours...

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