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2 different bugs


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first bug is in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvJ8q0oRIug

this happened last thursday in 3rd sortie which was hijack i basically couldnt shoot my guns or hit with my melee weapon and u can see that my warframe only swtiches between weapons but doesnt hit with them i also couldnt roll or use operator , i tried unstuck but it didnt do anything as for the reason for this bug i dont know exactly what i just loaded into mission and had that bug and my character would walk weirdly i also didnt know if dying and reviving would fix it or not i didnt try it .

second bug which happens quite often to me lately is when i load into mission and i cant skip the animation at the start even tho i press yes to skip it , it doesnt work i just have to wait for my warframe to drop out of the ship so i can start moving and this bug only seems to happen when im not playing solo i havent had it happen in solo yet.

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