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Advanced Skana Discipline - Iaido


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A different discipline for the Skana since I know Tenno can master every combat style there is.



Here is my concept of a scabbard for the Skana.


Made from wood like traditional scabbards and ancient orokin synthetic cloth adorns its side.


I can imagine what cool and stylish attacks the Tenno can do with it.

And here is something I made that visualizes its charge attack.


A quick short slash dash, then hit enemies will pause as a series of slashes follows after.

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this could be an ability but as I can see this being part of the skana's charge attacks. let's say you reach a certain rank in the game, a mod will be given to you to put on your skana to make the charge attacks like that which you have shown. this gives you a reason to hold onto the skana for that awesome simultaneous multi-slash charge-attack

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