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About Time to Bring Back the Telos Boltace


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It's been a long time since that glorious weapon has seen any viability. We're living in a time where over the top weapons keep getting added and melee keeps receiving buff after buff.

Isn't it time for the Telos Boltace to go back to it's original form? It wouldn't even stand out among current melee.

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8 hours ago, (PS4)LoisGordils said:

It would most certainly stand out in current melee because no other weapon does what the Telos Boltace does/used to do.

Sure, it would be novel. There's nothing wrong with that. But due to how it worked and the bonuses it didn't get, it will be vastly outclassed by other weapons.

Just as it used to be, but even worse.

Just as normal melee vastly outclasses exalted weapons which also sucks.

There's nothing wrong with bringing it back, a unique weapon is fine, especially with the amount of creep other weapons have had and the massive nerf to slide attacks. The Telos Boltace was unfairly nerfed in a meta where it was outclassed, and that gap only widens. 


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