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Apocalypse/Four Horsemen Warframe


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This originally started as me posting a quick one-off idea on the thread DE posted about Warframe ideas. I came up with an idea I liked and while writing it I've decided to expand upon it and take it seriously. Here's what I posted in that thread



Apocalypse Warframe

We have many Warframes with destructive capabilities but none of them ever scream to me that "this" frame embodies destruction. The wake of an Apocalypse.

I'm talking something that brings dread onto a battlefield.

You can even symbolize the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse into its kit. An ability like Ivara's quiver or Vauban's mines, except it functions similar to the three modes Khora has. So it's a mix of Quiver/Minelayer, Khora's ability to change forms and arguably Chroma's way of having different forms function for the abilities differently.

A frame so deadly, so lethal and so disregarding of life that by the hands of any other Warframe would be considered a mercy.

The Sentients had wanted War.

The Orokin brought the Apocalypse.


As a disclaimer to avoid any potential religious arguments, this frame will be using heavy Biblical themes. I assure you I'm not trying any Jehovah's witness stuff. I'm having to do research myself for this concept. Furthermore I am agnostic and the concepts here to not reflect my personal beliefs. Feel free to correct me on anything I may have interpretated or gotten wrong, espically if it can improve the frame.

Along with the disclaimer I am attempting to stay as close to the source material as I can with the limitations of Warframe. Merging both the Seven biblical Seals witht he Seven bibilical Trumpets which heralds the Apocalypse. (Also known as our 4th Ability)

This frame incorporates each of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse into a single frame. To spur the enemies Rapture, Tenno.

Passive: Seven Seals

(I am unsure on what can be used to activate/break each seal. I want these to be used constantly throughout a mission and have them recycle, but also lock the 4th ability behind it. Similar to Nidus)

As the Apocalypse dawns closer, Seven Seals will be broken. Each indicated by their personal Trumpet. To avoid player confusion over the horns, each Horn will become gradually deeper until it starts over. To build a sense of unease.

First Trumpet: A fire shockwave nova erupts from the Frame.

Second Trumpet: A meteor (Think Ember's) will appear above the frame, and split into four, striking in the 4 cardinal directions around the frame.

Third Trumpet: A flash of light appears above the frame which detonates applying First ability from the Pestilence form onto enemies.

Fourth Trumpet: (This one was tricky as it involved the sun, moons and stars to have had their light dimming) Enemies become shrouded in a dark fog which causes them to be unable to see and will begin firing where they last suspected their target was. This will turn on friendly fire but will not make them target each other.

Fifth Trumpet: Enemies become attacked by swarms of insects, taking on the form of an infested gas cloud or Titania's razorwings and lose health overtime.

Sixth Trumpet: Enemies are either both effected by a Status proc of both Fire and Pestilence's First ability, or may be lucky and only recieve one of the two. That luck will not last however.

Seventh Trumpet: All prior effects happen at once, or alternatively will cycle between at random. The Apocalypse has arrived. This final trumpet will not have a set duration so to combat players from leaving this effect on permanently, it will become weaker the longer it it used for. It will also be consumed upon activation of the 4th ability. Leaving the final trumpet on for a prolongued time will weaken the 4th ability. Giving players a "Pop it, don't drop it!" mentality.

Source used for Trumpet effects: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_trumpets


First Ability: Hark

Single handed cast ability dictated by the form, has a small AoE. If you've played Saints Row 4, think of it like the Blast ability from there.

Pestilence: Enemies will become afflicted with a highly contagious disease. This can cause a chain reaction if non-afflicted enemies get too close dealing damage overtime. When reaching low health enemies may attempt to flee to their allies for help, only to unwittingly spread it to them. Additionally if an enemy afflicted with Pestilence is on fire, they will spread both fire and Pestilence onto their allies.

War: Enemies will become enraged and turn on each other in a bloodlust and proceed to melee each other while becoming more susceptible to damage. They will however not take more damage from enemies not effected by this ability to encourage them to rage through their own before being shot down. Enemies with guns will not drop their weapon and will instead run and gunbash their allies.

Famine: (At first I was thinking just having them run out of ammo, as famine for bullets instead of food but I got a more interesting idea.) Enemies touched by this gain a Leech ability, able to recover health from damaging things including ranged attacks and including Warframes however when health runs low they will become desperate and may momentarily shoot and attack their own for health. Once they recover enough health they will stop attacking their own and will continue like no friendly fire happened at all.

Death: This ability will only take effect upon the death of an enemy marked with this. To compensate it will be given a larger radius. Upon the death of enemies marked by this, a specter of the Warframe that killed them will appear at their location with that Warframes weapons, with a set duration of 10 seconds per specter this sounds overpowered, but with one downside. These ghostly shades only have 1 point of health and cannot be supported by any other ability. These are ultimately glass cannons that can be utilized for damage but are not in any way permanent and can also make for a distraction.


Second Ability: Jericho

Admittively I couldn't think of a creative name for an ability that lets you swap between Horsemen and trumpets were used to tear down the walls of Jericho. Each form will roughly look like their biblical description with an obvious Warframe touch. As I am no designer I will simply leave you with what they were described to have looked like. Color does play a part of the 4 Horsemen and their Steeds but as Warframe allows for complete color customization I will have to discard each of them having color schemes.

I'm unsure about there being stat changes for each form and will leave that up for others to decide upon.

Pestilence: "I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest."

War: "Another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the Earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword."

Famine: "I looked and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand."

Death: "I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him."

"They were given power over a fourth of the Earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the beasts of the Earth."


Third Ability: Advent

This one will be a mix of support Auras and Weapon buffs. My reason for this ties into the 4th Ability

Pestilence: Ranged weapons will have all their attacks infused with Pestilence and allies within range can also cause this. (I'm sure I don't need to explain what Pestilence is at this point)

War: Melee weapons will bring a bloodlust. Each melee kill caused by you or your squadmates will increase melee damage and decrease the charge delay of Heavy Attacks.

Famine: Damage enemies recieve within range will be converted into ammo for you and your squad.

Death: Every death caused within range will increase the health regeneration rate of allies, additionally each kill will increase you and your teammates by 5 health points and will last until the ability duration ends. (When under the effects of the 4th Ability it will instead use the duration from that ability.)


Fourth Ability: Rapture

Once all Seals have broken and all Trumpets have been sounded all who bear witness will pity this frame's foes.

All four Horsemen arrive onto the battlefield Tenno.

The frame will release the three horsemen they weren't using, the player will remain as the horsemen they were upon activation.

Additionally each Horseman will have their Third respective ability activated and may cast their first ability.

Pestilence will use his exalted bow, spreading disease amongst the enemy.

War will charge into battle with his exalted sword, building his bloodlust.

Famine will use the players primary weapon

Death will use the players melee weapon

You will use the same rules as the specters based on which Horseman you were.

I understand that this 4th ability is a little over the top and so is the rest of the frame, but that's the intention. This is not your average Warframe.


I had fun writing this up and brainstorming concepts. I just hope it's at least somewhat as good as I thought it was.

I had trouble deciding on a name or if it should simply just be "Apocalypse", going with the theme a biblical name is probably the most appropriate.

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"Megiddo" could be an interesting name. Second ability could just be "Herald" for what it does, all things considered.

If I understand the seals mechanic and their escalating abilities correctly, they do present an interesting paradigm: a finite resource with a fixed number of uses but an increasing payoff for repeated use. This could have incredible potential for endurance-type missions where one would need to wisely manage the timing and spacing out of each Trumpet, but then again one could just as easily take an Assassination mission, speedrun to the boss, and then blow all seven at once, summon all four Horsemen at once, and solo nuke the boss while blasting fitting music over voice chat.

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On 2020-03-08 at 3:51 AM, Cobalt313 said:

"Megiddo" could be an interesting name. Second ability could just be "Herald" for what it does, all things considered.

I've thought of having the name as Herald for the frame itself, but I like both ideas.

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