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Kuva Lich Suggestion: Schemes


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I'm very fond of the Kuva Lich system, however it would be interesting if they 'attacked' you sometimes outside of their own specific missions. HOWEVER I am aware that Liches randomly spawning during normal could get frustrating for new people but I think I have an idea I want to share.

Yall remember how Lotus sometimes changes the mission at complete random? What if we did something like that for the Liches? That the Liches themselves aren't showing up and will feel more nemesis like and when these attempts at 'mission sabotage' occurs all players could get an extra reward for dealing the Lich's nonsense.

For example as a basic premise, you could start out with Thralls scaled to the current mission levels attack you as a assassination squad so they shouldn't be THAT difficult for newcomers to deal with when paired with a player who has an active lich. This could also be way for them to do some passive Kuva Lich grinding every now and then

In addition you could go so far as to include this into bounties on open world maps like CETUS. The players are completing the bounty like normal then at complete random when they advance to the next stage of the bounty this particular mission involves some random Kuva Lich if there is a player with an active Lich present. Let's sayThe Kuva Lich is trying to poison the lakesto oppress the citizens then the Tenno have to clear out the thralls and disable any machinery near the lakes.

Whenever any of these 'schemes' are resolved in true nemesis fashion the Lich should say message the players and say something along the lines of 'curse you Perry the Platypus' and then leave or laugh at you if you fail to complete the objective.

De could potentially go even further with this and have optional side objectives spawn during normal missions, such as having a data mass in need of being delivered to a terminal during a survival mission or random excavator spawning during an out doors defense mission. Or have unique optional objectives such as defusing bombs or taking down a capture target who works for the Lich currently attempting to 'sabotage' (but not really) whatever mission you are in. It might also be cool to have a variation of a capture target that actually fights you instead of running away if you guys can work that out that'd be really cool.

This way player can interact with their Lich's indirectly while passively getting murmur progress, any additional rewards like a bit of Kuva/guaranteed Kuva Relic drop, without it being too much of an issue for newer players, and potentially advertising the system to newer players as they naturally going to ask the veteran player 'What the heck is going on?' In which they'll reply 'Oh it's my nemesis they're being stupid but we get free stuff for putting up with it'. 

You guys could probably go a step further and have the Liches pull this kind of stuff either during their own Lich missions or possibly during their 'galleon' missions. Because of course since they hate you so much they'll try some stunt to get in your way while you are trying to get to them to fight them. I think'd that be really cool since it would feel a bit closer to the Shadow of Mordor games since they'd be actively trying to mess with you too just not directly and not being mandatory during 'normal' missions.



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