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Equip Screen Changes and Small Tweaks


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I like what DE has done thus far in game on the menu screen. There is a few small tweaks that Im believe we all would appreciate for quicker load out changes. I would rather spend less time clicking on equip screen and be right back into playing the game if I already have the setup I need for the mission specific. The only time I real need to go in and change the setups is when I do Sorties that require a specific weapon type. Other than that I feel there is a lot of time clicking between screens. Here are some ideas I feel would help make the transitions of changing load outs quicker.


When hovering your mouse over your frame and weapons a side menu pops up and we are required to click "UPGRADE or APPEARANCE" to change our load out. If we already have the setting saved under A, B, C or however many we bought why not have the A, B, C tabs pop out when we hover over Upgrade/ Appearance tab? We can change the names of each letter therefore if I have A set to Corrosive and B set to Crit, the Tab will show up as Corrosive and Crit. This allows us to bypass going into the Modding screen to go right into our saved load outs. If we want to change the load out then we click on Upgrade/ Appearance.

Also if you remove the EQUIP tab and place the word on the bottom of the frame or weapon we are hovering on, this should indicates by clicking on frame/ weapon tab we are going to be equipping a different weapon.


Also on the other side of the Tenno Radio the spot is still empty on the left side. This would be a perfect spot to place a console to allow quick access to Simulacrum. I swear now that Ive grind everything execpt Hema I do more weapon testings in here than play the game and lots of youtubers also.


Also if in the Simulacrum we are able to travel directly to Relay/ Orbiter, please allow a quick tab in Menu screen also. I do know there is a Cephalon Simaris Syndicate under Profile but that only loads into Simaris and then we still have another loading from that room going into Simulacrum. Id be okay if in the Syndicate screen there are the tabs for each activity like Octivia Anthem mission because of the loading screens.. Have a tab "Enter Octivia Anthem mission."


Also can we have a similar feature to "TOGGLE PRIME DETAILS"  but for frame and weapons details "TOGGLE MOD DETAILS?" This toggle allow players to see base stats or with mods equipped. This would be nice because I've found myself trying to do the calculation of how a riven will affect the base stats but on the main equip screen and mod screen the frame/ weapons only show the stats with equipped mods. I have found myself sometime getting rid  of all my crit chance mods to see what the base crit chance is. lol If not just have both base and with mods equipped status on screen.

Just some thoughts to make things feel a bit smoother. 

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