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Possible Tweaks To The Mod Ui


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It would be nice if any ranked mod became colored so that it's easier to notice among the rest (which are all grayed out), because clearly if you fused it you have a purpose for it and will eventually want to find it.

When you fuse or transmute selecting any mod will make a specific *thum* sound and a red flash, a different sound and flash when you click on a ranked mod would be an intuitive and welcome warning to pay attention to what you just selected.

Having to go out of the fusing menu just to see how many credits you have left is really pointless, add some credit info next to the "total, duplicates, cores and rating"

When used in the main mod menu the 'installed' button should show all the mods installed on every weapon, warframe and sentinel you own, not just the mods installed on the last warframe or weapon you looked at.

If you wanna do a really good job hovering the mouse over a mod would tell you on what it's installed on.

An 'uninstall' button (to go between 'fuse' and 'sell' ) that removes a mod from anything it might be on would be nice.

An 'uninstall all' button when in the weapon upgrade menu would be welcome as well

In the weapon upgrade menu the 'previous' button overlaps on the '1' page making it unclickable (probably happens only with 10 or more pages), this should be fixed or just replace the numbers with the more intuitive slider.

In the weapon upgrade menu auras could be separated from the bulk of other mods, just like the ability mods are all bunched up at the very beginning.

Mod stacking of course, I know this problem is already acknowledged, but I just couldn't leave it out of this kind of list :p

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