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Stuck underwater in Plains of Eidolon


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I believe I got into this state when mounting a K-drive at the same time as a knockdown effect.

The camera lingered on my location for a while with no warframe in view, then on pressing X to dismount K-drive, the camera snapped to nearby water along with the nighttime magnetic effect. After the magnetic effect subsided, I could barely see my warframe under the water as if in downed status. The /unstuck command did nothing, picking the K-drive or Archwing launchers initially gave a "Invalid launcher location" error and then nothing, power keybinds and Operator mode were nonresponsive. The UI updated when switching weapons, but I couldn't shoot. I could open the gear menu and pick emotes, but there was no visible effect.


Screenshot with metadata and EE.log attached in ticket 2063016.

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