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cephalon simaris



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You have a cap with SImaris.....

-OPTIONAL - Grab some ceph scan targets and run them all down....  DO NOT hand them in....

-Goto Sedna - Adaro.....go invis.... scan enemies (making damn sure to scan everything in a room before you attack anything.  Because enemies may not raise alarms or see you but if they see a corpse they drop in points from 200 to 70.)......scan until you get 0 pts, then murder everything and finish the mission...

-NOW goto ceph simaris and turn in your ceph scans for an additional 5-10k standing that lets you go beyond your cap.  


Running down scans first, then scanning enemies to 0, and then turning in lets you break your standing cap.   If your standing cap is 25k you could get 30-35k per day doing it this way... I have done it several times.  

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