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Orokin/Earth tileset morphed


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So we were doing the Sanctuary Onslaught and in zone 4 or 5 we had host migration. Once we jump through the portal from 5 to 6 immediately this blend occurred. TBH it looked awesome and something that may even be done as a new tileset, kinda looked like overgrown Orokin tower, rather than infested Derelict. But the issue was that the AI wasn't even aware of us being there and not attacking us. I had similar issue before in SO, when i jumped through the portal it took me to a zone with player already in it, and the AI wasn't attacking me as if i wasn't near them. In both cases i was able to damage the AI, and they never returned fire.

P.S. Sorry for the potato video quality. I just did quick record since the zone was about to end.


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