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Insane Hosting Issues As Of Late


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Warframe has become unplayable with my friends as of late. Regardless of if I host or if they host, the minute we encounter an enemy everybody starts lag-teleporting, running in place, attacking in place, etc.

It's particularly baffling because if I join a public game everything is smooth, no lag.

This has NEVER happened until U10. What's going on and how do we fix it? 3 of my friends came back to Warframe after I convinced them to try it again, and THIS is their first impression of U10 :(

note: I have no NAT issues, and no ports on my college internet are blocked

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I appear to have picked up the same problem as of update 10.3, and am somewhat glad that I don't appear to be alone in that.  Prior to this most recent update I had not had any trouble, but as you've described, upon encountering enemies everything appears to rather rapidly go downhill.  Specifically, both enemies and players appear to cease moving and shooting, picking up drops from the floor is massively delayed, and the life support status in survival updates only very infrequently.


This doesn't appear to be related to internet connectivity in general, as other games run with a ping of ~40ms.  Additionally, it doesn't seem to be impacted by NAT as Warframe has detected "all systems nominal" both with UPnP enabled, as well as with it disabled clientside and ports 3960 and 3962 forwarded.


Hopefully this is just a transient issue, as it makes playing with one's friends an exercise in frustration - and I can't say the thought of playing solo for the foreseeable future is especially exciting.

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