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Kuva Syphon Bug (unable to destroy)


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This bug happens on all tilesets, in all syphon mission types (flood, normal) and in multiple separate PC computers (noticed by my clammates)
It happened ofc after latest massive Revised patch 27.2.0

Honesty I was expecting to see massive thread in here but there seems to be none.

In short, sometimes syphon braid will remain stuck in the air (as per regular kuva vacuuming, but permanent) and further kuva collecting won't register.
Braid will become immortal and kuva collecting will be prevented.

This happens irregularly. Sometimes does not happen. Sometimes happen on first braid, sometimes on last. Solo mission, group, close to syphon, out of sight, makes no difference. 
Please fix cause this makes me insane. Ty. 

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