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Is Dual Toxocyst working properly?



So I resumed playing this game after a fair bunch of month leaving, and I noticed that I just can't seem to trigger Dual Toxocyst headshot based buff on certain circumstance.

While playing a solo mission I can trigger buff through headshot just fine.

But on a multiplayer mission (it it's any important I tried on Kelpie, Sedna out of 3 mission) even if I'm very careful to do headshot, the buff just doesn't trigger at all sometimes.


Anyone experiencing that? I spend a lot on that baby I love but if it doesn't work... it's better to play a mk1 weapon.

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Update and that will prolly be my last report : it does seems that when I'm not the host, the buff bug very often (more than half games when I join a started one). A year ago or so I don't remember having this issue (I restarted the game a month ago).

Kinda annoying to see your old favorite toy with a 213% damage 133% multishot +86% poison riven... being nearly umplayable now. Much sad.

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