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Questions and theories for the Command Intrinsic Tree


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Yeah I know I'm late to the party but I've got some burning questions I've gotta get off my chest.

1.Will there be AI functions on all parts of the ship? (Excluding the Tunguska Cannon and Pilot Seat)

2. If so, would the other Intrinsic Tree abilities pass down to the AI?

3. Can the Crew be killed?

4. If so, can we revive the deceased crew members or will we have to "Refill" the crew so to speak?

5. Will there be certain sections of the ship that have different crews, such as Boarder Combat, Gunnery, Railjack repairs, and Forge usage?

6.Will there be different crew tiers, if so, will their skills be RNG based or can we have a flat rate and then work at getting more specialized crews? 

If there are units for boarder combat, what can we use? Will there be specialized Tenno/Grineer/Infested/Corpus units, or will there be only Specters?

7. Can we Slingshot Liches into other Crewships and have them take it out? The Rail Slingshot is big enough to fit a one-Lich pod into, and it'd be hilarious to hear our Lich wrecking them before warping back when the job is done.

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Command is such a tricky prospect to me. Like they need to intentionally make them less useful than humans but not so useless as to be utter trash and enrage everyone that ranks into it. Like if i get an AI thats reloading flux , and an AI that will fire forward arty on crewships within x range i wont need to play with humans in railjack ever again. XD

But if command lets you have AI crew on railjack WITH human crew also, good lord. glorious. ill take it to rank 10 in a heartbeat. Ill fill the ship with liches.  


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I think it will be some months until they introduce the crew.

Reason might be that we lack a switch mechanic right know. What do I mean by that. Imagine you want to play with your friend. And he wants to go into a gunner position where a NPC is right know. He presses X the NPC gets out and the Friend hops into the gunner position.

The same thing a owner wants for his ship. Owner drives ship, exits driver seat and wants to go into the dome gun seat. Some random bloke  jumps into the drivers seat and tries to recreate the Star Wars Last Jedi or some other horrible space movie. You get out of the dome gun and want to take back control over the ship. Now the game needs to have some priority system and a switch mechanic.

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