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Mesa's melee bug


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I've started playing Mesa recently and encountered this annoying situation where after playing for a while her melee animation becomes stuck in a "twitch" kind of movement and therefore unable to deal damage at all. Slam attacks glich out as well but deal damage, for some weird reason. Also, blocking and air attacks seem unaffected and still work. Oddly enough, the parazon hacking animation has that twitch thing going on as well, but hacking itself works fine regardless. All of that seems to be triggered after casting some of her abilities, though is mostly Peacekeeper. At first it appeared every now and then but now it does almost every time. I've tested 4 different melee weapons and it has happened with all of them so far. 

After doing some research about it I found out that this bug has been going on for a while, but I don't know if it was fixed in the past and came up again after some time or was never fixed at all.

I hope this can be looked into and fixed soon.

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