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Self Stagger and Mutalist Quanta


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As title says, the addition of self stagger on other weapons that had no effective radial self damage (Mutalist Quanta, Tombfinger, etc) might not look so bad overall, but on Mutalist Quanta, trust me, it does.

Basically you can create a bubble with the alt-fire of this weapon that act as a mini Volt shield and not for much else (since even it's stacking explosion damage is a joke compared to other weapons on higher levels), but now every bubble explosion giving you the stagger effect gave the weapon a meaningless nerf, and yes i already tried putting Cautious Shot, but this means you are also forced to mod your frame for either stagger recovery, or if you don't want to use Cautious Shot on this for some reason you must go for knockdown instead, eventually building your frames with always the same mods if you plan on using this weapon to at least an acceptable level now.

What i propose/hope is to either buff the Cautious Shot mod to a "stagger immunity" effect, instead of "stagger reduction", because let's say it, it was garbage since when it did reduce self damage by 99% (and this looks like the easiest fix, since DE slowly tends to give us more power through every patch), or remove this radial stagger effect from certain weapons that didn't have self damage to begin with (thing that i do not advise personally)

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