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Khora dome timer + operator


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Well, i'll be honest.
I had hoped someone else would have reported this bug before.
Depression was keeping me, from having the strength, to get to this matter.

Since there is still no bug report yet.
I'll just have to pick myself up for a moment.
Bug's been around for a long time.
So, gotta bring attention to it.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way.
On to the bug itself:

Khora makes life in survival missions, a lot more pleasant with her pilfer dome.
She is thus, my go-to frame, for said mission type.

Another feature, that survival mission has.
Is that the player, often needs to be a bit more swift.

This poses to be a problem, with the timer of her dome ability (bottom right).

I use this, to see how much time remains, before I need to refresh the ability.
That timer, thus becomes very important, if I want to manage the flow correctly.
Since I use Zenurik, I grant the Khora frame, a fresh supply of energy.


If you have 1 dome out:

Wait a bit, to see the effect.
But act before the timer runs out.

Now simply cast her dome ability again.
Immediately switch to your operator.
Give 'er that good old energy dash. (This step isn't even affecting it - you can skip this part)
Use transference once more, to use Khora again.

The result:
Due to switching to operator, very swiftly.
The timer for your last dome, does not appear.

It has forced me to adapt to this, and slow down my playstyle.
Keeping an eye on the timer for the last placed dome, can be crucial.
Now I must wait a few seconds, before switching to operator.
You're practically blind, without the knowledge of how much time remains.

The following video, displays the result in more detail.
Keep an eye on the timer.
As it disappears, and leaves you with a dome, that you don't know, how long it will last anymore.



The mouse overlay can be ignored.
It was still from my previous recording.

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