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Suggestion: Opt-in Self-Damage #SaveChroma


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a lot of ppl didn't want self-damage removed. it's a valid suggestion that doesn't affect ppl who don't want self-damage... win-win

additionally cautious shot became useless.. might as well replace it with something useful

and yeah. rework chroma... i'm all for that

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I fail to see why one should reinstate a near-universally reviled mechanic because it's the only way an entirely separate warframe can function adequately in most content. Really, it should be Chroma who should be reworked directly, as he is the sole warframe in the game who truly lost out from the removal of self-damage. If a mechanic can only function when paired up with some completely different, ancillary effect, then the mechanic needs to change in order to become self-sufficient, even if it may still synergize with others.

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Le 08/03/2020 à 11:35, Aadi880 a dit :



Also, Decaying dragon key exists.

As a chroma main, I love his 2nd and 3rd abilities, I don't see the need for them to be changed. On the other hand, I personally believe his 1st (does insignificant damage that locks you out of your weapons) and 4th (high energy drain that is only really useful MAYBE as an expensive "stun grenade") need reworking.  

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