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Railjack Loadout suggestions?



My ship does ok in Veil missions right now, but want to see if there is anything glaring I should look to be swapping out that would be significantly better.

Particularly I am looking for if I should swap the 3 damage reduction avionics for 3 damage increase Avionics.

Current: Ablative (Chem Red), Phasic (Ion Red) and Heat Sink (Inc Red). 

Thinking about: Forward Artillery (Art DMG), Section Density (Tur Crit) and Warhead (Ord DMG).

I typically play more defensive/tanky frames so was leaning towards that with my ship, but open to any other suggestions.

My screenshot below shows Counter Measures in Battle Slot 1, but I just got Blackout Pulse so am using that now.


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I have been using this setup for quite a while now and am really happy with it. I solo veil missions all the time with this and have never gotten a critical breach.

Hoping there is some sort of avionic capacity upgrade path in the command intrinsic that's not released yet, so I can use some tactical avionics like death blossom, battle stations and void cloak but I'm doing perfectly fine without them.

Small Edit: Since the changes in the latest update I switched my main gun to a Vidar Apoc (58% dmg bonus).  Updated Picture

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Thanks, I ended up changing 2 of the damage reductions to increased crit dmg for turret and artillery damage, as well as my breech extender for void cloak as it's more useful.

I really like freezing the boarding parties and putting out multiple fires for when I am solo, but I think if I ever decide to do a pre-maid group I'd take them out.

If I get more capacity in the future I really want to see what the forward artillery can do, as it is now if I don't hit a crewship in the engines it still does ~75% of their health, I assume with it maxed I could hit them anywhere and they'd die.


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