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Kuva Larvling not spawning


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I have finished The War Within quest. I don't have an active Kuva Lich.

I went in Cassini, Calypso, Anthe, Telesto in Saturn (All are missions with +20 level enemies).

Also tried Adaro, Rusalka, Naga in Sedna. 

The lights do NOT flicker and the Kuva Larvling doesn't spawn. I have tried these missions sooo many times solo and it never spawns and I am pretty sure it's something wrong with my account.

When I went in with someone else who also doesn't have an active Lich, everything worked normally, I was able to see the lights flicker once I captured the target, we started killing enemies till the Kuva Guardian started speaking and the Kuva Larvling spawned with a waypoint on him, I went and killed the Larvling and I got my first Lich. I killed that Lich and now I am trying to get my second one and the same thing is still happening when I am solo.

I know how the process works exactly so it's not me who is doing something wrong. 

I also know that this is not a common thing and that people can go in missions and get the Larvling to spawn and kill it normally which is why I think it's something wrong with my account only. Like maybe the game always thinks I have an active Lich, idk.

It's really annoying and I really wish this gets fixed.

NOTE: I didn't know where I should be posting this so I put it here. Forgive me if it's not in the correct place.


IGN: Rathetsu 

Platform: PC


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