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Conclave Titania and new changes.



DISCLAIMER: Alright, I know nobody plays Conclave, but I like info as much as Corpus like profit so bite me.

Alright, disclaimer out of the way, here's a few questions I need answering as of late:

I noticed in Conclave that Titania has her 2nd ability "Tribute" uses the new "Select your buff" mechanic found in a recent update.
This however, does not have much info that I can find on the wiki, and it's too recent for a good google search to be relevant.
So I'm wondering what exactly the difference is between the options of "Entangle" and "Thorns" if I recall correctly.
Do each of them function like their Co-op counterparts, minus the buff? Do they do nothing or does it function like the old way just with two options for no reason?
For reference, the wiki states that it staggers enemies up to 25m away for 67 damage as well as reducing their damage output by 25%, however, i never noticed any staggers, even at point blank.

I may come up with new questions the more I experiment, but hopefully this brings some good answers.

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