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Eidolon(Hydrolist) hitbox


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I always saw some shots did 0 dmg to Hydros limb where i was 100% sure they should. Now i was testing Ivara for Eidolon hunts, using the Sancti Castanas for the limbs/synovia, she can oneshot limbs exept Hydros. To be sure ive tryed it alot and even 2 or 3 castanas direct on his knee, not tuching anything but the limb/synovia, delt 0 dmg (edit* not allways but often enough).

Not to mention that it is only possible to get a Unairu Whisp if he is on a slope or somehting a bit higher than the surrounding ground lvl.

Its kind of an endgame for me but in every run there is a bug desroying the mood.


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