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A small but highly beneficial codex change


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The codex could use some more organization when it comes to enemy entries and factions. 

Upon selecting a faction you will see another screen with that faction grouped by family units rather than a large master list.



Under the grineer faction you have several categories to select to show you specific enemy families. Tusk, nightwatch, frontier, kosma, bosses, and misc or machinery for things that can’t fit in anywhere else. 


Another example: for the unaffiliated faction they would be separated into 4 groupings. Nightwave, vallis wildlife, plains wildlife, and misc.


This would reduce the overall clutter of the enemy codex and easily show you the units you want to look at and what you may be missing from that family.

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3 minutes ago, TheJagji said:

So, your thinking if its an 'upgraded' enemy of the same type, they should be grouped together. e.g. Bubble boys and Exumer Bubble Boys be grouped, so you hit the button and it brings them up to compare them and so on?

Maybe I need to go back and edit for clarity but the general idea is to reduce clutter by not giving you a master list of every single enemy in the faction but a bunch of screens showing specific enemies that would be grouped together based on their affiliation within that faction. For example a regular shield lancer would be together with an elite shield lancer, but a frontier shield lancer would be grouped with all the other frontier units.

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It would help if the names were more consistent. For example instead of Elite Arid Lancer it would be Arid Elite Lancer.

Beyond that I´d like to see a differentiation below the faction selection. Something like light/ medium/ heavy or at least ground and air units.

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