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Suggestion: New Command /railjackunstuck


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I had 3 stuck situations recently (almost one per mission) in railjack. this is very inconvenient for my teammates because I will get stuck inside an important object like a gun or the slingshot, and very inconvenient for me because I usually have to disconnect.

I suggest allowing the chat menu to be opened no matter what state the player is in, and to add a new command: /railjackunstuck

this command should only work in railjack missions, and should have some kind of cooldown (ten minutes? twice per mission?) so you can't use it to teleport for free for no reason. what it should do is force your player to immediately reconnect to the host. none of this "teleport to nearest walkable position" from /unstuck because when I tried that when I was stuck, I just ended up still stuck but in a different location. it should do a complete reconnect, respawn the player in the railjack cockpit, reset the player state, and try to keep the current mission progress for your character like in a host migration.

I think this is the best way to handle this sort of problem until the stuck issues can be fixed. sometimes you just need a full reset. maybe it can also take a snapshot of information to send to the DE team at the same time, so you guys can finally figure out what's going on, exactly what state the player is in, what state the mission, railjack, etc is in when a player gets stuck.

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