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Ghost Enemies - Getting Worse


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This is a bug that's been around since at LEAST U8, but was far less common then. It was irritating, but I would ignore it.

On exterminate missions, I am now regularly having enemies spawn in places that are physically impossible to access. For example, under the floor. This means that it is not possible to kill them, and you have to quit the mission.

As I said earlier, this has been a bug as long as I've been playing, but it used to only happen every twenty or so runs. I just ran a Tower II Exterminate mission five times in a row, and had this happen. It always seems to happen when there are 20 or fewer enemies left to kill, as well.

I am a huge fan of this game, and this is entirely killing my urge to play it. I haven't been able to successfully complete an Exterminate mission in three days.

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