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Ash breaking the camera


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TYPE: [In-game, in mission, Hydron]

DESCRIPTION: [I was in the mission Hydron ranking up Ash. I used Blade Storm, followed by teleport on an enemy that was on the stairs leading to the cryropod. I then clipped through the ground. When I jumped out of the ground, the camera broke. I took the below video after the camera started to freak out.]


REPRODUCTION: [Probably follow the steps I listed above, making sure you teleport to an enemy on the stairs that you can go under. I was over by one of the doors when I teleported.] EXPECTED RESULT: [Teleport to the enemy and not clip into the ground.]

OBSERVED RESULT: [Clipped into the ground thus breaking the camera.]

REPRODUCTION RATE: [I haven't tried to reproduce it.]


This was a bug my Girlfriend experienced, not me. But the forums bugged out on her and wouldn't let her log in to post the report so I did it for her.

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