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My lich is bugged


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Found this on reddit from Reviax:


"Alright so this is a bug tip post for everyone until this gets patched:

If you are one of the unlucky sods to have your lich take over a defection node here's what you have to do.

A) start doing the mission as normal until you get a thrall as a defector

B) let the infestation kill the defector, this will take a while but eventually you will be able to mercy him

B.A) properly mercy the defector, make sure the interact button reads mercy and not revive

C) extract; now I don't know if there's a minimum mission length because I went to 8 squads extracted but this did allow me to clear the liches influence from that node

I don't know why de thought it was a good idea to let them take over defection when the only grineer in it are the ones you are meant to keep alive... but bugs will be bugs, this gives you a work around until it's patched out.

Happy lich hunting!"

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