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Elite Shield Lancer


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I don't know if I hate these guys or not, but here's my 2 conflicted cents:

The shield is bonkers, but they frequently leave their legs exposed so I guess that balances out. Sorta.

The knockdown is annoying, but with the "timed recovery" that can make Handspring useless it's bearable on its own. That being said, when you add the Grineer Heavies to the mix, you spend a ton of time bouncing back up and not actually removing anything from the equation. Getting stuck in a loop of Bombard-ESL-Ground slam-Powerfist-Basic Shield Lancer was not uncommon in the MobDef I first encountered them. Then again, at that level, they weren't dealing a threatening level of damage so it was more annoying than "oh god, I'm gonna die before I can get up"

They also didn't appear to spawn in at weirdly high ratios, there were more Napalms, Bombards, or other Heavies than Elite Shield Lancers.

If they stay at their current (apparent) spawn rate, I don't mind them so far, but I will never be okay with a hard counter to the counter for their normal version. If my gun can rip a hole clean through a solid metal door (or two), why the stars not his shield?

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