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Got bored so enjoy my take on a Nyx rework.


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1: Mind Control: this is too much of a clunky thing that I recommend tossing it out and moving her bolts here instead.

New 1: Psychic Bolts 3.0: Nyx sends a wave of bolts to enemies in line of sight. All enemies hit suffer from slower motor functions and are slower to respond and can not run. In addition,  armor and shields are lost depending on power strength. This also applies radiation procs when cast in her Chaos fields. 

2nd: Chaos: mechanically wise, this ability has had issues. I recommend that the enemies AI instead cannot perceive Tenno or any Tenno ally as a immediate threat and have their aggression to their own allies maximized. They would only attack Tenno if the Tenno is the only target in line of sight to them but as soon as an ally reaches line of sight and enters Chaos then they would disengage the Tenno and prioritize their ally. This eliminates the oldest issue with Chaos. Next, make her augment change and incorporate it into her ability instead. However, the radius no longer shrinks and Nyx is allowed three active fields of Chaos at a time. Enemies under Chaos also have a massive damage boost to their own allies with 300%. Additionally, when the duration ends, all affected enemies are dealt true damage based on how much their allies harmed them.

3rd: Absorb. Absorb has been a ok power that gave Nyx immortality cheaper than most. But it does ruin her fluidity with fast content. I suggest changing it to a duration and have it contain two cycles. For the first cycle that lasts a few seconds, Nyx absorbs gunfire and damage and channels it into health. The second cycle gives her a lasting pulse of healing based on the damage absorbed (she banks the damage taken and pulls her health pulse from a percent of it.) During the first cycle she isn’t immune to damage, it’s just that it heals her instead. This allows her to benefit from Adaptation and arcanes during the windup so she isn’t vaporized. When the duration ends, enemies nearby are temporary put to sleep in a 15 meter radius (scaled with range).

4th: Mind Sunder: Nyx shatters the last grip her  foes have on reality and emits an aura around her for a set duration. Enemies within 5 meters become functionally brain dead and do not move or respond to anything while farther enemies suffer accuracy penalties and damage falloff. All enemies in the radius take more damage from headshots by 100% from any source (power strength scales it.) and the closer to her they are, the more the bonus damage. If enemies are in the effects of Chaos, they receive higher damage of 40% to any part you hit. 

This rework is about making Nyx’s domain a place where enemies serve her and pay for it. It also gives her more damage and less clunky CC in exchange for a little less survivability. But with shield gating, it’s not easy to die as much. And with the current roster of powerful frames, this rework wouldn’t seem absolutely meta or broken.

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