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Mastery Rank 16 Test Bugged


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I recently attempted the Mastery Rank 16 test and it has bugged where it would not go to the third round.  I googled the issue and it seems like an ongoing issue since 2018.  Is there a fix to this?  I have read that many people attempted this multiple times in hopes that the bug does not appear.  I don't think its fair that I cannot complete the test due to a bug and the system requires me to wait another 24 hours to complete.

Please fix the bug issue, thank you.

I think an ongoing bug like this should be resolved because it does frustrate players, especially since we need to wait 24 hours to try it again.  There is no way to just reset the round incase there is a bug.  I have tried unstuck and I was using an enemy radar, so there was no visible enemies left.

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