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Eidelon weapon



I posted maybe a month ago about how to start eidelon hunting without peeing people off. 

Since then I have capture 2 Terry solo and done 3 tricap with a few Terry kills or close kills. 

I have been using Oberon, volt and trin and build the 223 amp which is good enough for now I guess. 

I'm using the lanka


Split chamber

Hammer shot

Vital sense 




Riven +50% heat +1.6 punch through + 65% CD

It still takes a long time to take Terry down in the last phase. Is the another option that would be better for purely solo terralyst capture? Or is my lanka build missing something. It's tolerable with volt but then it's harder to keep the lures alive with him. 

I have tried recruitment chat but most of those people are real salty so I thought I'd just solo terralyst until I can get a better amp and finish levelling focus schools. 

Also can't use clan cause solo clan 😕

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Redeemer Prime Heavy Attack Build.

You can choose any stance that feels comfortable for you. 

Mod Config : Sacrificial Pressure, Sacrificial Steel, Primed Fury, Corrupt Charge, Molten Impact, Shocking Touch, Amalgam Organ Shatter or Normal Organ Shatter, Killing Blow.

Build up combo when Eidolon is calling Vomvalyst to heal it once all Synovias destroyed to 12x and sustain it. Once the Eidolon is vulnerable again shoot the Eidolon with a heavy attack. It will one shot them even up to Hydrolyst.

You can also use this to destroy synovias because it will only take 1-3 heavy attacks to destroy them depending on range and spread.

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i do solo tridolon all the time

my weapon is redeemer prime, and i can 1-2 shot even hydrolyst final part of the fight,

i cant say much about your lanka since i dont use it.

for frame i use chroma but it can be change for whatever u want but dont forget to choose vazarin school ( to heal the lure ofc )

i do have riven for redemer (no, my riven is not godroll, its only +cc +electric) but i think if u dont have riven u always can make it up with combo. since melee can get 12x combo. pair it with gladiator set on helio

the annoying part is try to aim synovia with redemer.

so i use rubico if i cant aim the redemer. maybe u use lanka instead.

my time for tridolon maybe around 25-35m

u should try it. goodluck

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