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Barrier/aggression Frame


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I know we got our helecopter mom frame who's entire idea is around shields, and a few frames that have deffensive abilities, Frost's Snow Globe as an example, but I wanted to sugest a frame built around deffending then attacking, sending back what he was hit with.

Saddly, I don't know what kind of stats would be here, but a build of having a high Defense, would be a good start, and with its abilities, having decent energy amounts would be good.

This frame is best for choke points, or defense targets on the move, I have two passives in mind. the first passive, if this frame is to fall, the past 10 seconds of damage will be flung out in a large AOE, this damage wave will be spread as far as high as the amount of damage, example, if 10 damage, it would be small with very quick die off of the AOE, but ramp that up to 10k, suddenly you have a nuke that can clear out an area. The second is basicly the same thing, but apon using its first ability, will set up the preset charge to the damage wall... explaining now in its powers.

1st. Wall of Pain: Costing 25 power to cast, this ability creates a "Invisable" wall. This cast will stick around after being casted up till it hits an upper limit of damage absorbtion, determined by how powerful your abilities can be. As your ability levels up, you can cast one more individual wall, and the damage it can absorb can increase. Now this wall dose more than suck in bullets, it deals out damage, any enimey who makes contact with the wall will take on a portion of the the wall has absorbed, and will continue to take damage while inside the wall. Walls are placed like Atlises, coming up vertically from the ground. When the Wall reaches its Critical mass, It will shoot out in the direction it was originally casted. This can also be done by aiming at hte wall and recasting the ability, doing it this way will not cost any energy. When the damage counter for your Wall hits 0, it will disapear on its own.

2nd. Shared Will: Costing 50, you look at a team mate, pet, or enimey for a different effect. When casted on a friendly target, you take on roughly half of the damage they take, but your personal damage counter will go up as if taking the raw amount. This can be useful for quickly increasing the damage outputs of your walls by having them set up at a higher number rather than what you could do on your own. When synced with an enimey, damage done to you will be transfured to the target but will have the same effect as if casted on an ally for any other reason, your number goes up faster and you can put up walls. Enimies killed by an ally will not increase your number. This can only be casted and held on a target one at a time.

3rd. Focused in: Costing 50 enimies in range of its effects will target you, or an entity you aim at. This can be casted on an enimey or one of your walls. I am sure I don't need to explain this because you just aim at a target, let it go.

4th. Bleed: The only cast ability focused on true offence, you cast this, you lash out increasing the damage output of all your allies at the cost of your own hp. This ability will stop about 12.5% of your max hp. During this time, your own damage counter goes up, letting you put down "Walls of pain". At the same time, all damage done by your allies with this increased damage output will add to this number and evendly distribute into your walls. Your "Walls of Pain" change, outputing a damaging arua before them as their number counts down to 0.

I wish I had more ideas involving this frame, a few sugested names or items or weapons to go with this frame, I just think playing something like this would be interesting, seeing in Warframe you are so incuraged to be as healthy as you can, how different a play style would be to get into the open and litterally be the target and use every ounce of damage given to you back to the targets who delt it.

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