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let's fix nikana zaws


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double sheaths, no sheaths post first attack.


look at any of my other posts, many contain instances of these issues, but they exist nonetheless.


the aesthetic cohesion and glitchiness of a weapon really does assist people in using it

image for posterity


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I was excited that I bought a skin for my Nikana Zaw but unfortunately it can only be seen in a holster when I'm in my Orbiter or in places like Dojo, etc. 

There are several issues regarding the Nikana Zaw:
1. Holster is nowhere to be seen when doing missions (only bare blade).
2. Nikana Zaw does not appear in Clan Statistics previewing clan members.
3. Can't be seen with a holster

Some others have also told me of the same error happening to theirs as well. So please fix this issue. Thanks.

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