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Archwing Flight movement critique/suggestions

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Please review and revise the following:

Go to The Plains or Orb Valis...

  • Launch your Archwing, Click Left Thumbstick and press forward/up on Left thumbstick to fly forward.
  • Now release the left thumbstick, then press A to Descend.
  • Now Press LB to Ascend.
  • Now press forward/up on Left thumbstick to fly forward, while holding A or LB to Descend/Ascend respectively.
  • Now press forward/up on Left thumbstick to fly forward.
  • Now, pull back on the Left thumbstick and tell me what makes sense about this movement?

Archwing Flight movement critique

Why are Archwings now flying like this? Nothing feels right about this, nothing IS right about this! Furthermore, why aren't we any longer able to fly in an aerobatic circle, or perform a full barrel roll?

Also, attempting to target and fire on enemies while in flight has been ruined due to this Skywing movement system; even when shifting to the slower flight mode! The whole effort is now a frustrating one, causing players to have to cope with very rapid and unstable moments which work heavily against aiming! 


Archwing speed boost is apparently missing on console (Suggesting: Double-Tap forward/up to restore boost to console controller bindings)

Prior Archwing movement felt better than what we've been given now and while movement control is more exact due to faster ascend/descend, along with full stop (eliminating the "Bumble bee-like bumbling into everything), none of the flight feels smooth and natural anymore!

Auto detach the Itzal Arch Line as it's slinging the Archwing forward, as to prevent it from throwing off the intended course of flight (which is what it currently does). Think Spider Man Web Slinging, if you must keep this silly function. Otherwise, get rid of it and create something much more useful to give the Itzal other than this game breaking ability. 

Focusing on movement itself...It would've been more effective to keep the previous movement system while slightly speeding up ascension/descension and decreasing inertial movement more quickly. I feel DE needs to take a step back and put some "HEAVY" work into the flight system of Warframe! It does not feel or behave right at all now!!!

Take a look at how flight is done in Anthem, That's more like what flight control should be an every game attempting it!

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